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Noise Is Hazardous To Your Health…Not Just Hearing

EXPOSURE to high sound levels and noise is linked to physiological conditions such as: hypertension, heart disease, and judgment impairment.  All can lead to disability claims and lawsuits.

Troy Acoustics offers Engineering Noise Control Solutions specializing in Shooting RangesBallistic Materials,Recreation CentersEquipment EnclosuresManufacturing FacilitiesHighway Noise BarriersAnimal Shelters, or anywhere you need the highest rated Acoustical Absorption (NRC) and Sound Transmission (STC) products and systems in the world.  “At Troy we treat the space to protect the person.”

Troy Acoustics engineers our systems to your exact requirements and specifications.  All our work is Guaranteed to meet all, OSHAgovernmentmilitary, and civilian noise standards, regulations, and ordinances.

With Troy Acoustics you get the world’s highest acoustical rating and the industry’s only guaranteed solution

Hear the difference.  Feel the difference.  Go Safe. Go Healthy.  Go Troy!