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Troy Acoustics™ and its personnel have been involved in the Broadcasting, Movie and Recording industries for well over thirty years.  Troy Acoustics™ has designed and installed acoustical treatments for dozens of facilities, for both new and updating purposes.  The Troy System™ products, designs and installation techniques have provided quality, noise free, environments for all types of facilities where original programming is produced, enhanced or modified.

The Troy System™ products and installations can reduce unwanted outside-the-facility noise incursions, as well as eliminate internal sounds that are developed by the facility itself.  Outside sound levels such as vehicular traffic, trains, aircraft and local construction are minimized to well below the threshold of interfering with inside-the-studio operations.  Inside sound levels such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning are also minimized to prevent those sounds from being noticed or recorded during the studio session.  Personnel, proximity sounds due to preparatory functions and other induced sound levels are eliminated from the controlled areas, providing quiet operating enhancements.

Troy System™ designs and materials provide a guaranteed NC 20 and a RT of .75 operating environment in television, radio, movie studios and sound stages.  Troy System™ products carry an Underwriters Laboratory certificate, are mildew resistant, water proof, very durable and can be painted.  The overall level of performance is such that the Troy System™ designs, materials and installations enhance the “quiet” conditions normally associated with production facilities.

Troy System™ products are also utilized in other facility areas such as edit booths, post production areas, quality control technical areas, conference rooms and areas with a high incidence of internally-generated noise, such as rack rooms, server areas and other specialized areas within the facility.

Radio control rooms and production areas also are benefiting from our products and designs.  The transference to all digital operations has placed a lot of new sound/noise reduction requirements on these types of facilities and our design and install process lends to those required facility changes that bring the facility up to the new technical standards.

Movie sound stages also benefit from our systems in that the traditional stage use can be modified, as necessary, to meet the demands of multiple functions within one large facility.  Sound levels normally associated with movie production do not bode well in the TV production environment and with the Troy System™ materials in place, both types of operations can take place simultaneously, without sounds from one interfering with the other.

In short, Troy System™ products and designs can upgrade existing facilities and add to the enhancement for production of digital audio requirements for any facility that will be utilized for technical productions, regardless of the format – TV, Radio, Movie or Post Production.  Let us know how we can help update your facility or provide input to your designers to insure the performance you anticipate and require.

Below are files presenting visual evidence of our installations and may contain specific performance data for your review.

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