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Considerations for sound abatement abound within certain industrial facilities.  The new OSHA compliance mandates require noise control for employees and visitors to these facilities who may be exposed to continuous influences of high sound levels and reverberation properties, due to activities within these facilities.  Troy Acoustics™ provides the Troy System™ materials and design solutions, which have been proven to minimize the effects of these objectionable sound levels and their effects, to insure compliance with current OSHA standards.

OSHA CFR 29, noise exposure limit criteria, is the standard by which these industrial applications are evaluated.  It states that continued exposure for a period of eight hours cannot exceed 100dba.  While the exposure requirement does increase for periods of less than eight hours, most instances of the sound levels associated with the operation of heavy machinery and manufacturing are generally well above this 100dba level requiring sound abatement treatments.

Troy System™ products have been used in many diverse applications for sound and reverberation control.  Power plant operations, hospitals, emergency power generation equipment, shipboard applications, recreational venues and general manufacturing facilities are focus areas for Troy Acoustics™ Solutions for employee safety and OSHA compliance.

Troy Acoustics™ can help you with a design solution for your specific facility and will provide a guarantee of performance and with on-site test results after project completion.  Troy System™ products can be designed into a new facility or added on to an existing facility to provide the required sound abatement.

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